Reduce Work-Related Injury Claims by Preventing Accidents

Accidents at workplace are a common occurrence. Injuries received at work can ruin the lives of involved employees and are usually very costly for the employers. If it is proven that the accident happened because of the employer’s negligence, he/she will have to pay out compensation entitled by the court. Usually the compensation depends on the victim’s salary and received traumas. If the sustained injuries prevent a worker from performing his/her duties the compensation may be substantial.

Providing secure working environment and preventing possible accidents is the main task of any employer. There are a few steps you should make, to avoid accidents caused by human error:

Hire the right person
When hiring a new worker for a vacant position, think what kind of person will fulfill all the requirements of this position. Before making final decision, check the candidate’s background. You need to be sure the applicant has decent knowledge and/or experience for doing the job

Safety training
Implementing compulsory safety training for the personnel is crucial if you want to avoid accidents. Never allow your workers operate any equipment or machinery if it has any defects or if a person lacks knowledge for working with this equipment.

Provide necessary equipment
As an employer, you need to provide your personnel with all necessary equipment and protective clothing. Make sure the equipment is in good order.

Reduce stress
The latest researches show that stress causes up to 60% of all accidents which occur at workplace. Stress among your employees may be caused by a number of factors including financial worries, family affairs, etc. If you notice that the employee has problems and is not able to work adequately, it is better to suspend him/her from performing usual duties.

The mentioned safety measures will help avoid a number of accidents, save money on work-related injury claims and maintain good relations with your working staff.