Personal Injury Claims: Now Win No Fee Reforms Proposed

Any person injured at the fault of other person can file a claim for getting injury compensation. Since 1990’s the number of filed injury claims has significantly increased. This happened because modern people are more aware of their rights and due to the increasing number of “no win no fee” lawyers who encourage people making personal injury claims.

No win no fee means that a claimant receives 100% compensation only if he/she wins the claim. If a claimant wins the process, all the costs are covered by the defendant or his insurance company. In case of loss, there is no charge. This enables personal injury lawyers charge up to 100% of their usual fees for participating in the claim process.

The increasing number of personal claims negatively affects the British insurance market. Thus, the UK government is looking for ways to reform the rulers regulating injury compensation claims. Secretary of State of Justice, Kenneth Clark proposes to limit legal fees charged by personal injury solicitors.

To decrease the number of filed injury claims Kenneth Clark wants to toughen claim compensation requirements hoping that these measures will prevent people from making minor claims. The further measure of the scheme is to make winners of no win no fee cases pay solicitors out of their compensation amount. This move is aimed at reducing the number of serious claims.

These measures are quite controversial and thus have not been passed yet. Many experts believe that such moves will make claim process extremely difficult for those individuals who do deserve getting compensation.