MPs Increase the Threshold for Receiving Whiplash Injury Compensation

The MPs are greatly concerned by the number of whiplash injury claims. The chair of the Transport Committee Louise Ellman has reported that over the last six years, the number of whiplash claims has increased by 70%, despite a 23% drop of road traffic accidents.

The increase of personal injury claims by traffic accidents, results in higher insurance premiums. Louise Ellman said that claims management companies and solicitors have themselves increased auto insurance premiums by encouraging traffic accident victims making personal injury claims. She also added that whiplash injury diagnose is very subjective and may be very costly for insurance companies.

Thus, to regulate this situation, it is necessary to increase the threshold for receiving whiplash injury compensation. If these measures will not decrease the number of whiplash claims, Louise Ellman asks the government to pass the law, which will require providing more proofs of whiplash injury and effects caused to the claimant’s life.

Each whiplash claim should be supported by evidence of injury and inability to live usual life. This means claimants must provide more proofs that they have sustained serious whiplash injury. MPs believe this will help decrease not only the number of personal injury claims but car insurance costs as well.

Association of British Insurers needs such regulations, as insurers are not able to reject claims for whiplash traumas. The number of claim is huge and if someone provides a medical certificate proving a whiplash, an insurance company is generally not able to prove the contrary.