Military Accidents Claims

Just as any employer is responsible for the security of his/her workers, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) also bears responsibility for the security of its solders. Due to the nature of work, military personnel are more subjected to various risks and injuries than other workers are. Though MOD is responsible for providing their employees with adequate education, training and equipment it cannot be sued for injuries sustained during military conflicts. The primary duty of MOD is to prevent military accidents.

Military personnel work with dangerous equipment (chemicals, weapon) and in dangerous environments, thus might be injured any moment. In fact, planned trainings and education (as simulated combat training or sport instruction) can be also very risky and lead to serious injuries. In other words, no one can be completely protected from accidents and injuries.

Military accident claims are the most complicated type of personal injury claims. Each particular case requires detailed analysis and investigation and thus assistance of experienced lawyers. It is also necessary to remember that you have three years from the moment of accident to file a claim for compensation.

If the victim of military accident is physically or mentally disabled to start a claim, this period can be extended.

Military personnel, who have sustained injuries while working oversees and/or became a victim of deliberate criminal violence on the territory of a foreign country, can make claims under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

If you need assistance in making a claim for getting military accident compensation, our team of experts is ready to help you. You deserve to get adequate compensation for your injuries, so do not hesitate making a claim.