Injury Claims

Over the past decade, the number of personal injury claims which have been made has risen dramatically, despite this at the turn of the millennium, the number of claims being made each year in the United Kingdom remained at a constant; with the figure staying around 750 000 claims being made each year.

However, since 2005, this number has gradually increased and in the last couple of years, the numbers have passed 1 000 000. This figure is a marked difference to the annual number of claims before 2000, where figures were only around the 400 000 mark.

One of the main reasons as to why the number of personal injury claims has risen so sharply in recent years is because the general public of the UK has become more and more aware that they can make claims, this comes as a result of increased advertising from personal injury claims companies. There has been a marked increase in the amount of advertisements which appear on television, online or in newspapers which are designed to persuade people to make claims for any injury they may have incurred.

As a natural response to these adverts the public sees that they may be entitled to make a successful claim, especially when there is such a variety of types of claim they can make; including ‘Accidents at Work’, ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’, ‘Military Accidents’, ‘Road Traffic Accidents’, ‘Dog Attacks’ and many more. The fact that there are so many different types of claim that can be made, means that the advertisements will reach out to more people, and therefore, as a result of this, the number of personal injury claims has risen over the last few years, and has more than doubled since the few years leading up to the turn of the millennium.