Industrial Injury claims

Industrial injury claims cover a wide range of accidents and diseases including work-related car accidents, falls, asbestos-related industrial diseases (Pleural Plaques), RSI, etc. Unfortunately, inadequate supervision or training, poor working conditions and defective machinery may lead to serious accidents and injuries. For example, high level of noise at workplace may result in dull hearing.

Industrial disease and injuries may ruin your life, as you may not be able to occupy certain positions and thus get usual salary. If you have suffered from industrial injury or disease, our team of experts can help you get adequate compensation. If an industrial injury is a direct result of your employer’s inability to provide safe working conditions, you have the right to file industrial injury claim and receive accident compensation.

Unfortunately, lots of people are still afraid to file industrial injury or disease claims against their employers. Most people are sure that such claims may affect their career prospects or make them unpopular among other employers.

Do not be afraid to assert your rights. Our aim is to facilitate injury claim process and help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. If you have suffered because of poor working conditions and cannot live an adequate life due to the received industrial injuries or disease, use your right to file a claim and get decent compensation.