Construction Site Accident

The UK construction involves over 2.2 million people. It is not a secret that this is the most dangerous industry, where accidents happen virtually every day. According to the data provided by HSE (Health and Safety Commission) every year about 2800 people die as a result of construction site accidents and many more get serious injuries.

Employers hiring people for work in building industry are responsible for preventing accidents and protecting their workers from injuries. People working at construction sites, should not rely of their employers only, and thus must take possible measures to avoid accidents. Employers must provide workers with necessary equipment (machinery, tools, safety wear), as well as perform regular checks to reduce possible risks and accidents. If you have suffered as a result of construction site accident, contact our lawyers to get detailed information about injury compensation you are eligible for.

Our experts have decent experience in handling construction site accident claims, thus will help you receive every penny you deserve. We will provide you with all required information and will help gather all information and details. We will stay with you to the bitter end, until you get your compensation.

We are able to help people injured in various construction site accidents like:

  • Injuries caused by demolitions
  • Electrocution
  • Hit by falling objects
  • Injuries from hazardous material
  • Scaffold accidents
  • Injuries cause by defective machinery or site vehicles
  • Falls from height

If you do not know how to file a construction site accident claim, do not hesitate to get it touch with our experts. We are here to support you in difficult situation.