Compensation for Injury to Child

Children are more susceptible to injuries than adults. Even the smallest accident may lead to serious traumas and emotional disorder of a child. Small children are very active, thus can be injured any moment. In fact, the smaller the child the more difficult it is to avoid bumps, bruises, scratches, fractures and other injuries.
Sometimes accidents occur without a child’s fault. If your child was injured in a public place, at school or in the kindergarten, or get injuries during school trips, you can make a compensation claim.

According to the low, a person is treated as a child until he/she is under the age of 18. Children are not allowed to make compensations themselves. Their claim compensation for the sustained injuries can be made by any adult, who acts on behalf of a child as “litigation friend.” The duty of litigation friend (usually one of the parents or close relatives) is to ensure that the child is getting appropriate advice from the claim expert, and making decisions on his/her behalf.

Adults have three years from the moment of accident to file a compensation claim. The main difference between adult and child injury claims is that child claim is not limited by the 3-year period. A child can file claims at the age of 18, thus he/she has more time to start an injury compensation process.

The procedure of making injury compensation for a child is the same as for an adult. If you need legal advice and help in getting injury compensation for a child, contact our team of experts.