Claim For Medical Negligence

Improper medical treatment may lead to various injuries. If you think you have been injured because of medical negligence, you can file a claim for financial compensation. Injuries sustained in course of medical treatment are generally referred to the category of medical accidents, patient safety accident, or adverse accident.

Injuries sustained in course of medical treatments are not necessarily a result of medical negligence. Unfortunately, not all complications can be prevented or avoided. If you believe that your trauma is a result of treatment or advice you have received it is recommended to contact hospital authorities.

When filing a medical negligence claim, it is necessary to remember that according to the UK law, compensation is awarded only when injuries are sustained because of negligent treatment or advice and if the negligence is proven. To prove that your injuries are a direct result of incompetent or negligent treatment and get decent compensation it is recommended hiring a highly qualified team of legal experts, because this area of personal injury claims is quite complicated.

If you are sure that, you have sustained injuries because of negligent medical treatment, but do not know how to launch your claim, contact our team of legal experts. We will help you gather all necessary proofs and get adequate compensation.

A claim for medical negligence should be filed within three years after the incident occurred. If the consequences of improper medical care are revealed later, a claim can be made within three years from the point it became apparent. Remember that it is advisable getting advice from injury claims specialist as soon as you can.