Birth Injuries Claims

Pregnancy and giving birth to a child is one of the most important events in the life of most people. The lattes researches show that there are 700,000 successful childbirths in the United Kingdom every year.

A greater percentage of pregnancies and childbirths happen without problems, however we are not always able to predicts and prevent certain complications. Medical incompetency or negligence, as well as accidents does happen and the consequences may be really dramatic. About seven of 1000 newborn babies get injuries during the labor activity.

Unfortunately, no one can be completely protected from delivery complications and birth accidents can affect both a mother and a baby. The consequences can be devastating. If a baby or mother is injured due to clinical negligence or medical incompetence, it is possible to file a birth claim. The term “birth injuries” implies damages caused to mother and/or baby.

In the United Kingdom, issues of liability and medical malpractice are referred to the category of “professional negligence”. Practicing doctor will be considered guilty and responsible for a birth injury unless it is proven he/she has taken all possible measures to avoid or prevent traumas.

Medical profession is extremely demanding, as doctors need to take care of their patients. This means they are obliged to perform all procedures with due diligence and sticking to all medical rules. If doctors fail to do so, and their patients get injuries, it is possible to file medical negligence claim against the medical personnel involved in the accident.