Accident claims

People involved in violent crimes may get physical injuries, as well as undergo serious emotional pain. Victims of crimes, like rapes, robberies, terrorist attacks, etc. may require years to recover from mental and physical traumas.

Whether you drive a car, ride a bike or motorcycle, cross the street, or are a passenger of any vehicle, you always risk to be caught by a road traffic accident. Injuries sustained as a result of traffic accident may be minor and serious. If you have been involved in a traffic accident, which was caused by another person, you can be eligible for getting monetary compensation for the sustained injuries. If the accident happened in the last three years, you have the right to file a road traffic accident claim.

A great number of people ride motorbikes nowadays. Unfortunately, motorbikes are less safe than autos and thus the number of motorbike accidents is alarming. Every year over 33,000 motorbike riders are injured on British roads. Accidents involving motorbikes are frequent; consequently, motorcycle injury claims are quite common in the United Kingdom.

Just as any employer is responsible for the security of his/her workers, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) also bears responsibility for the security of its solders. Due to the nature of work, military personnel are more subjected to various risks and injuries than other workers are. Though MOD is responsible for providing their employees with adequate education, training and equipment it cannot be sued for injuries sustained during military conflicts. The primary duty of MOD is to prevent military accidents.

Whiplash is the most common trauma sustained as a result of traffic accidents. Generally, whiplash injury is the result of traffic accident and abrupt car maneuvers. When the head is quickly and violently thrown back, the effects can be distressing. Car drivers and passengers are the most common victims of car crashes, that result in various traumas, as whiplash injuries, which include stiffness, shoulder and back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Improper medical treatment may lead to various injuries. If you think you have been injured because of medical negligence, you can file a claim for financial compensation. Injuries sustained in course of medical treatment are generally referred to the category of medical accidents, patient safety accident, or adverse accident.

Industrial injury claims cover a wide range of accidents and diseases including work-related car accidents, falls, asbestos-related industrial diseases (Pleural Plaques), RSI, etc. Unfortunately, inadequate supervision or training, poor working conditions and defective machinery may lead to serious accidents and injuries. For example, high level of noise at workplace may result in dull hearing.

Criminal injury claims and compensations are regulated by the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), which was established in 1964. This public institution is responsible for controlling criminal injury claim payouts, to the individuals injured as a result of crimes on the territory of the United Kingdom.

The UK construction involves over 2.2 million people. It is not a secret that this is the most dangerous industry, where accidents happen virtually every day. According to the data provided by HSE (Health and Safety Commission) every year about 2800 people die as a result of construction site accidents and many more get serious injuries.

Pregnancy and giving birth to a child is one of the most important events in the life of most people. The lattes researches show that there are 700,000 successful childbirths in the United Kingdom every year.

Bicycle accident claims are quite common among the citizens of the United Kingdom. Every year more than two thousand riders suffer from serious injuries and over a hundred cultists die because of the received traumas. Most injuries, a greater percentage of which are head traumas, result in personal accident claims.

Bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable, especially when it is windy, rainy, or when the visibility is low or limited. Drivers should understand this and respect this category of road users.

Employers have certain obligations to their employees. Thus, you must be provided with necessary equipment and secure workplace. However, accidents may happen irrespective of all precautions. If you got a work related injury, whether it was a consequence of human error or employer negligence, you have the right to file an injury claim.

Unfortunately, no one is protected from getting injuries at workplace. Indeed, many accidents can happen at a workplace, such as transport and machinery accidents, serious falls, construction site accidents, etc. If you want to get a work related accident compensation, we can help.